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It was founded in 2020 by Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor Şeyda Tosçalı. The aim of Satiminds is to bring people together through Yoga, Mindfulness and Coaching studies, without developing fanaticism towards the east or the west, by bringing together the good sides of both sides that are good for human psychology and body. While preserving the ancient teachings as faithfully as possible, it is to ensure that we can communicate with them in an understandable way, and on the other hand, to ensure that the truths of scientific evidence that overlap with ancient teachings are accessible with internationally proven and most frequently used practices. For this reason, Satiminds cares about providing sustainable programs that are localized and have international validity.

  Within this framework, with the approval of Yoga Alliance, Satiminds 8-Week Mindfulness Specialization Certificate program, which combines holistic, movement, breathing and yoga practices with an approach sensitive to the nervous system and trauma, trains Mindfulness trainers who are experts in their fields.


  Satiminds has seen that Mindfulness and similar teachings are effective when transmitted live and attaches importance to include 80% of live practices in their work. The beginner Satiminds Mindfulness 8-Week Program includes practice, mostly through live meeting. In these programs, where theory and practice come together, 2 sessions of one-on-one mentoring sessions are held so that participants can become regular Mindfulness practitioners and gain direction with a unique approach to their individual needs. These 8-week programs offered by the graduates of the Satiminds Specialization program are open to everyone at different times and are published in the events section here. 


 For those who have been practicing for a long time, Satiminds 8-week Mindfulness Deepening Program is offered by Şeyda Tosçalı and 80% of the program consists of  live meetings. In the deepening program, the Buddhist 8 Step Noble Way is handled week by week, and it is aimed to harmonize life and practice, to deepen within ourselves and in meditation practice. 

Seyda Toscali


Yoga & Mindfulness  Instructor(YA)

Aries (ICF)

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